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  • Quality with scale: Our focus has been to design interventions for quality outcomes and which can scale up through given the balance of standardization and localization.
  • Tata STRIVE way: Each programme we deliver has elements of Tata STRIVE way embedded; conversely we do not undertake programmes where we are a pure grant making organization.
  • Deep Partnerships, Industry engagement through the lifecycle: The deep involvement of the industry a key ingredient of Tata STRIVE experience we deliver to our learners – right from designing courses, to guest lectures, to on job training and placements. Our partnerships with companies go far beyond funding to ensure that we prepare our learners to excel at their workplace.
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Student Value ChainStudent Value Chain

Based on insights gained from the Skill Development sector and to tackle specific challenges and bridge existing gaps, Tata STRIVE developed an ‘onboarding- training-placement’ model. This innovative approach has helped in crafting an immersive experience, known as the 'Tata STRIVE Way' to address challenges and empower young individuals for the ultimate goal of employment or entrepreneurship.

Hello, I am Farzana

Let me take you on a tour of my experience as a learner at Tata STRIVE.



My story started after finishing Graduation course in Computer Engineering

  • Became aware of CyberShikshaa course through college classmates in May 2021
  • Interest piqued, browsed about Cyber Security topic, got new phone and laptop for ensuring best studies
  • Received another WhatsApp forward in June 2021 for new batch

I knew I was at the right place for a stable future.


Career Path Choice

People often wonder about their career choices in life but for me, selecting my career path felt as easy as having a friendly conversation.

  • Discussion session with center faculty about my interests, future plans, career inclination before enrollment
  • Online induction session conducted on 22nd June 2021 where the course structure, timing, modules were introduced to all learners

Voila, I was inducted into the CyberShikshaa++ (Cyber Security) course

Skill On-job Training

Training Period

It was a novel experience

  • Exploring interactive and experiential Cyber Security domain learning with lots of hands-on practical sessions
  • Developing essential life skills and SMART goal-setting through Youth Development Modules
  • Connecting with my inner self and peers and growing in confidence
  • Engaging in 100% digital and standardized training with assignments, quizzes and assessments after every module
  • Participating in guest lectures from industry experts who shared real-life scenarios as mentors


Post Training

After finishing my training and online assessment, I was awarded with certificate that is also hosted online with a QR code for easy online verification. Even before getting my certificate, I had landed a job at BridgeLabz in Dec 2021. I am proud to be a live example of how even one message can change your life at Tata STRIVE.

During the training, we had regular assessments at the end of each module, which helped me learn and stay on track. These ongoing assessments guided my progress and ensured I understand the course completely.

As we reached the end of the course, we faced a final assessment that tested everything we had learned. It was a chance to showcase our knowledge and skills, marking the end of our course journey.

The final pass marks for the course was 85/100 setting it apart as the Tata STRIVE differentiator factor. Even in the YDM modules, we conducted online group presentations on diverse topics such as ‘youth unemployment’ and ‘garbage disposal’.