Subhransu Sekhar Sahoo

Subhransu Sekhar Sahoo is a native of Khurda district in Coastal Odisha. He belongs to a family with agriculture as primary occupation. His father additionally did some carpentry work in the district. His mother, a housewife and a younger sister studying in 10+2 are the other members of his family. To support the family economically has been a concern as the income from the family head has not been substantial to meet all ends. Subhransu, seeing the family needs dwelt on the idea of initiating an enterprise of his own. He enrolled for a vocational course at the Government Industrial Training Institute of Bhubaneswar in electrician trade course.

After completing the course, Subhransu was in search of different avenues to establish himself but could not get a job even after 8 months. By chance he happened to learn about Nano Unicorn training from one of his faculty at the technical college and got himself enrolled to the fourth batch of Nano Unicorn training which used to be of a six-day duration training during those days. He learnt how to prepare a business plan and availed the loan assistance under the project to start an electrical business.

Subhransu availed a loan amount of Rs 65000 only, although the maximum cap under the project is to the tune of one lakh. He believed, this amount was sufficient to help him venture into a small electrical business on his own. He procured different raw materials and equipment that would help him to start the work. With his tenacity, Subhransu improved his customer base and started getting different orders in his locality.

In his own words he says “It is the honesty of a person which is most important for any business person”, a key take-away he believes that was received from the Nano Unicorn training.   

To this day, Subhransu is a successful Nano Unicorn in capital region of Bhubaneswar. He has been receiving tenders from different Government departments for electrical services. Most recently, he bagged a lucrative order for electrical services from L&T. He has been innovative in promoting his work by registering his profile in prominent urban aggregator platforms like Urban Clap and Sulekha. Subhransu has been able to repay back 100% of the amount he availed as a loan from the project. He has a steady income and plans to scale-up the business with the experience he has garnered.