Farzana Shaikh

Courage Is Contagious – Billy Graham

 There is only one word to explain Farzana Shaikh’s spirit- it is contagious. She, and her younger twin brothers, spent entire childhood watching their mom struggle everyday as a single mother, assisted only by their grandmom (nani). Unsurprisingly, it left an indelible print in her mind to become independent and financially strong as soon as possible. Taking care of her family and prove that women are second to none, that was her priority. Being a hardworking student, she soon found herself pursuing Computer Engineering. As she graduated and started searching for jobs, the competitive job market reared its massive head, especially as the pandemic was still holding the world hostage. 

A whatsapp message in June 2021 made her aware of Tata STRIVE and Microsoft offering Cybershikshaa i.e. Cybersecurity course. Even though she was barely aware of the topic itself, her passion for finding the best opportunity even at the worst of times got her enrolled in the course and learn every drop of knowledge provided therein. Meanwhile, she was introduced to the founder of BridgeLabz at graduation event of another batch at TSSDC Mumbai and he was so imressed with her knowledge plus communication skills that she was offered a Data Engineer job at BridgeLabz on the spot. 

Today, she credits the STRIVE training modules (especially the soft skills and personality development) for opening the doors to limitless opportunities in the IT sector. The unflinching support her mother and grandmother provided her for whatever she wanted to do has always given Farzana special motivation, that’s how she is now thriving in a field originally considered suitable only for men, and we look forward to seeing her breaking several moulds along her path to success.