Devadhi Srilatha

Nothing Will Work Unless You Do – Maya Angelou

We have to take that first step towards freedom in all senses of the word, which is what Devadhi Srilatha did in December 2021. After finishing Diploma Studies in Electronics & Communication at Govt. Polytechnic, Bheemili, she was looking for a good job without any success. Overhearing a few neighborhood boys brought her to the MST Electrical Basic & Advance Courses at L&T Tata STRIVE Multi-Skill Training Centre, Autonagar, Vizag. 

With her intelligence & hard work, she passed with flying colors and soon secured a good job at L&T Vizag Production Centre. Hailing from a hardworking but financially constrained family of 4, Srilatha had seen her parents struggle to provide basic amenities to both their daughters. Their finances were further crunched with her dad developed cardiac problems and had to undergo a complicated surgery. The whole family got together to brave these hard times and came out stronger. This made her a keen strategist, a calm problem solver and a person with steel will. 

By learning every aspect of theoretical as well as practical knowledge related to her job alongside life skills, she bloomed into an assertive professional ready to take on the world. The competition in the job market doesn’t faze her as she is confident about taking measured baby steps towards a remarkable career ahead by focusing on learning more skills in different domains so that she is prepared for future. After all, she believes that women are second to none and all they need is an opportunity to prove themselves and she is the kind of person who will make her own opportunities rather than wait for others.