Ankita Hendre

Ankita Hendre: Blended Cyber Security Course


Ankita won her fight for life.

Today she defends organisations.

A Bachelors in Technology degree unlocks many careers. But for Ankita Hendre, her graduation was followed by an urgent kidney transplant which led to a 6-month-long recuperation period that halted her career. Her recovery drained her parents’ savings and left all of them in a precarious position. Desperately seeking a way out, she enrolled into Tata STRIVE’s Cybersecurity course at Pune.

In India, Cybersecurity is a male-dominated field. But such was Ankita’s dedication, that not only did she defy convention, but she also overcame the mental barriers her personal life posed. The course gave her the technical and emotional guidance that she needed and upon completion, helped her secure a job with a FinTech giant.

Today, Ankita treads cautiously yet confidently on a path that leads towards a better future for herself and her family.