Asha Patel

I can’t change the direction of the wind but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination -Jimmy Dean

This and many more such motivational quotes fit Asha to a T. Usually we meet people embittered by a lifetime of struggle but with Asha, we see another side of humanity where all the obstacles in her path increased her in-built compassion and empathy. 

Having seen impoverishment in family and dealing with a painful divorce at a young age, having been through financial and emotional upheavel of massive magnitude, one would expect her to give up. But giving up is the only thing Asha doesn’t excel in, as she took all her life experiences and rolled it into a big bag of self-motivation. As she was searching for avenues to improve her family’s life as well as uphold her independent identity, she came across Tata STRIVE and convinced them to give her a chance to prove herself in this new role. 

As she enrolled for General Duty Assistant course and found much younger co-learners at the centre, her self-confidence and fighting spirit had to work overtime to keep her on track. Youth Development Module remains her favourite part of the training as it helped her personality really find its footing. Soon, she passed the course with flying colors and is now happily working as Patient Care Assistant at Bharti Hospital, Pune. Her family as always is extremely proud of her and Asha basks in the satisfaction of being a compassionate caregiver, a role that suits her to the core. Being a helper to humanity is what she cherishes and looks forward to excelling in healthcare sector in the long run. This is an extraordinary human being, one whose spirit cannot be caged and the one who is destined to keep shining.