Biswajit Bhattacharya

Mapping the Path with Power of Silence

WHEN EYES DON’T SEE AND THE EARS DON’T HEAR… you find the darkness and the silence that overpasses all your desires. This is a silent story of a young boy who made it loud enough to make the entire world listen to his legendary tale. Son of a Pani Puri seller, Biswajit Bhattacharya, was a big dreamer. After completing his 10th studies, he started his earnings by working at a tailoring shop. For more income and knowledge on work he joined a Boutique to learn making designer cloth-wear. But we know the importance of certification in our life. 

Life took multiple turns for Biswajit, especially when he lost his father and his work got badly impacted during the texting times of COVID pandemic. The sheer grit and determination of the candidate helped him sail through the tough times and finally at the end of the tunnel he saw the light. That is when he turned towards vocational education.  

To fulfil the gap, he enrolled into Dressmaking course at ITI Bhubaneswar. And Mrs. Nini Tripathy (ATO) the faculty of ITI insisted him to take the entrepreneurship training from Tata STRIVE called Nano Unicorn. Biswajit’s dreams started becoming true after he received a seed fund of one lakhs as a loan. With the funding he not only established a shop in Bhubaneswar but also hired 3 employees on commission basis. Today, his monthly turnover is around Rs 40,000/-. Biswajit has repaid the total loan from Nano Unicorn project and planning to renovate his shop by extending the building and make it as a showroom.

Biswajit has not only established his own venture but has also helped in creating livelihoods for multiple women in his area through capacity building and providing them with employment opportunities. His work is in right heart of the city and he looks forward to expanding his business by leaps and bounds.