Empowerment Coaching for Facilitators(ECF)
Tata STRIVE believes that facilitators are the most influential change agents who can transform the young learners and help them not just to survive but thrive at different times of life.At the same time, there is a dearth of 'Skilled facilitators / Trainers' in the Vocational Education Training space, who can work on development of non-cognitive skills- a set of attitudes, behaviours, and strategies that are thought to underpin success in school and at work. While facilitators are critical for the implementation of a quality skill -based instruction in the classroom, their role is significant to support learners in tackling key issues, handling uncertainties and make fundamental life influencing decisions.
Keeping this objective in mind, we have designed an unique offering called Empowerment Coaching for Facilitators (ECF) exclusively for the facilitators in skill development industry. A flagship programme from Tata STRIVE, for those preparing youth for Employability Skills and make them ready for the World of work.
ECF Vision & Goals
ECF is a program designed to develop an additional helping skill called as Coaching to facilitators in the skill development space, orient them with the mind-set, skill-set and tool-set which will enhance their quality of conversations with youth and bring sustainable change in their behaviour and actions.Here the facilitator partners with the youth in a thought-provoking, self-reflective and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential, which is particularly important in today's uncertain and complex environment .
These coaching conversations will help facilitators to
Move from mentoring and counselling to a well-thought-out coaching approach.
Build awareness about self and operate from a sense of responsibility.
Apply coaching in work and life.
Use powerful questions and help youth generate choices.
Support youth/learners in goal setting.
Encourage youth/learners to progress and take accountability in achieving their goals.
List of Modules/Parts
Our programs designed use adult learning principles using audio/visual resources, experiential methods, demonstration and practice session in dyad and triad format.
The program involves classroom training, guided practice under expert supervision, on the ground practice at workplace, regular/virtual connect with a mentor coach for honing to help facilitators hone the coaching skills and apply to any relationships especially with their students.
The program is delivered in two formats. Tata STRIVE recommends the program format based on the scope of the partnership and pre-program discussions. Either of the format starts with a pre workshop stage - a data gathering stage where data on participant (facilitators) profiles and their work environment is collated and analysed. A brief about the programme and expectations from the programme also is shared with participants during this phase.
Empowerment Coaching for Facilitators (ECF) Program Format - 1 Program Format - 2
  Classroom Hours   40 Student Contact Hours   80 Student Contact Hours
  Coaching Practice Hours   36 Practice Hours   48 Practice Hours
  Mentor Hours   6 Mentor Hours   12 Mentor Hours
  Ongoing Support Monthly Webinars and Regular follow-ups through our Learning Platform
Course Curriculum
Module 1:
The Learning Mind-set
Partnership Approach
Different helping skills
Coaching Vs Mentoring
Coaching as a profession
Module 2:
The Role of a Coach and Coachee
Coaching Ethics and Standards
Values In action
Ice berg model
Coaching Framework(6A's) - Awareness
Listening beyond words
As a part of continuing education, we conduct virtual sessions where external speakers from the coaching fraternity are invited to share insights. To know more about the continuing education and for any ECF related enquiries please write to us at ecf@tatasustainability.com .
Learning Outcomes
ECF looks forward to build coaching skills so that the facilitator honour the learner as the expert in his or her life and work and believe everyone is creative, resourceful and complete. The program will help the facilitator to help their learners to.
Coaching Model/ Approach
The content focuses on providing Facilitator's with the mind-set, skill-set and tool-set which will enhance their quality of conversations with youth and bring about an inner transformation in them. We use the 6A coaching model to help facilitators and students to move from Awareness to Accountability.
Program Details
Our audience
This course is offered to facilitators/ trainers in the skill development sector or other role holders who have the opportunity to interact and create an impact on youth.
Lead instructors
Mr. Bhaskar Natarajan, PCC, ICF
Ms. Maryamma Joseph, ACC, ICF
Dates and locations
Tata STRIVE conducts ECF programs in locations based on the partner requirement. At the same time, ECF has released an annual calendar where we invites nominations from different NGO partners who are working in the field of skill development. Click here
The program is delivered in different regional languages based on the requirement.
Policies on payment
The program fee includes administrative fee at actuals. Please contact the program owners for further details.
Impact So Far
ALEAP - Association of Lady Entrepreneurs of India
Canara Bank -RUDSETI & RSETI
CEDMAP - Centre for Entrepreneurship development Madhya Pradesh
Don Bosco Technology Institute
GMRVF - GMR Varalakshmi Foundation
KIIT - Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology
MPCVET - Madhya Pradesh Council for Vocational Education Training
NTTF - Nettur Technical Training Foundation
TASK - Telangana Academy of Skills and Knowledge
Tata Motors
Tata Projects
TCSRD - Tata Chemicals Society for Rural development
TPSDI - Tata Power Skill Development Institute
TSPDL - Tata Steel Processing and Distribution Limited
Feedback from our participants
"I engage my Students in deeper conversations using coaching techniques, which helps them to think beyond their day to day problems"
  Abhilash Narayan
RUDSETInstitute, Kannur, Kerala.
"I look at my women villagers as better and resourceful people. I was not willing to enter certain villages. After ECF and a shift in my mindset , I not only entered the village but also groups created self-help groups"
  Fatima Rathod
TCSRD, Mithapur, Gujarat.
"The concept that laid in me about guiding or mentoring was only through giving suggestions. After learning a more effective technique, COACHING, it has now given me a new approach of asking thought provoking questions rather than giving answers. After removal of various blindfolds in this training, a belief has generated in me that COACHING can really shape a new me and in turn, I can ignite many more minds"
  Tina Samajdhar
Kalinga Institute of Industrial Institute, Bhubaneshwar
"It was a different type of capacity building schedule what I not experienced in my 12 years professional life"
Tata Chemicals, Gujarat.