Tata STRIVE - Accelerating the nation's growth
Delivery beyond expectations is what brings a smile to a stakeholder's face.
At Tata STRIVE, our performance report is reflected in the number of smiles we generate and the number of success stories we create.
Upping the happiness index, improving learning curves, lifting career graphs and accelerating the nation's growth are milestones we want to traverse and we are pursuing them with a relentless spirit, well thought-out strategy and strategic collaborations.
Tata STRIVE - Helping realise dreams
Just before 9 am on a Monday morning, dozens of young men come together in the Tata STRIVE campus, on the outskirts of Aligarh, about 130 km south-east of New Delhi. Most of the men, aged 18 to 35 years, are from nearby villages in this backward region of western Uttar Pradesh. They dropped out of school due to poverty and, a few months ago, were set to join scores of unemployed youth, idling their lives in desolate farms. But Tata STRIVE has changed that-for the better.
I realise I wasted time all those years after leaving school. The way they teach here is quite different. I have not been absent even for a day.
Teenager, School Dropout.
Now a Tata STRIVE student
Earlier I used to get angry for no apparent reason and fight with my family members. Today, after more than a month of attending the centre, I know how to deal with others, how not to lose my temper.
21, School dropout.
Now a Tata STRIVE student
When we work in the fields, we do not pay much attention to concepts such as punctuality, but after a few days here, I have realised the importance of time.
28. Now a Tata STRIVE student.